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Alto's Odyssey Pic

Snowman has announced Alto’s Odyssey sign up to be notified and follow along with the development and release of the game. Snowman are responsible for the successful Alto’s Adventure for those living in a cave and didn’t happen to see or hear about the games success. Remember Alto’s Adventure? The pic below should jog your memory. I’m pretty sure it is still selling well even today. Apple currently has it featured for .99 cents for a limited time so you might want to grab it now.

altos adventure

Snowman is also working in collaboration with at least two other indie game studios on DISTANT created by Slingshot and Satchel, and Where The Cards Fall created by The Game Band. Both titles are looking like they are progressing nicely. We’ll certainly be following the development and new on all these games in the future. For now head on over to Alto’s Odyssey and sign up to get the latest info also.