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Astroneer by System Era Softworks
Astroneer the video game that is all about a 25th century gold rush where players must explore and reshape the frontiers of outer space has officially launched in early access for Steam. (Also in “game preview” for Xbox.) While this means the game might still be buggy for your particular system it is finally available to play. If you have been waiting for what seems like forever to play this game you can finally get your hands on it today. Lately I’m a little tired of the low-poly designs that seem to be the latest pop-art fad these days, but I have to say this game is beautiful. I never got the feeling that the low-poly design just didn’t work or didn’t fit in certain places. It’s proper use in the landscape design and the juxtaposition with the design of the game characters shows how knowledgable and talented the team members responsible for the visual aesthetics truly are. It fits so nicely with the theme it is hard to image any other look or feel for the game.

My love for what a game can represent is near and dear to me that I’m always concerned with the level of detail that sound and music play in making a great game and from what I have heard so far this game has a wonderful mix of sound design and music. Both fit like a glove allowing you to focus and immerse in the game experience even easier than would have been possible otherwise.

Astroneer allows the player to explore and reshape terrain as though it was made of Play-doh. Planets are procedurally generated and the player can build vehicles for space travel and further exploration. The building aspects of the game offer an easy snap together component system to create custom modules. All this and a lot more cool features and tools that make this game a great addition to your build and explore worlds game collection. It is a co-op game as well so up to 4 other online players will be dropping in and out of the game as you’re getting your exploration boots broken in.

The Seattle, Washington based System Era Softworks Game Studio consists of veteran game developers that all got together in 2014 out of a shared passion for interesting gameplay systems. Astroneer is there first official game offering. They also plan to update Astroneer as time goes by with guidance from the community. Just check out the Astroneer road map if you want the possibility to have a suggestion or feature thrown into a future update. To talk with others in the community check out the Astroneer forum.

My predictions are with a little more polish around the edges this game will keep enough people engaged and busy for the studio to finance long-term development of not only this game but future ones to come. Congratulations to System Era Softworks on there first game release!