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Below Title Page Image

Capybaragames also known as just Capy are still hard at work on Below the video game with a lot of descending of stairs in pursuit of survival and exploration to find out what lies below. Interestingly enough the website has an infinite scroll that keeps repeating over and over again which is just a fun little attention to detail. After issuing an announcement that the game is not ready for beta as promised by the summer of 2016, fans looking to play this game are waiting patiently as they tweak and squash bugs. Sadly, it seems that Below is at least six months behind schedule. Will they be issuing a beta build before Christmas? It would certainly give those with a holiday break a nice gift to test on these cold nights to come, but one can only hope.

From the trailer below I really love how the view of the game is almost as if you’re looking down at the player from a drone or other high flying aerial vehicle. I’m really hoping this camera perspective has a deeper meaning that ties in with the storyline somehow. As if peering in at ones self to discover what lies below. Than again maybe they just thought it was a cool camera angle? I agree.

This delay causes anxiety and excitement for those that are fans of Sword and Sworcery because Capy is partly responsible for the amazing Sword and Sworcery game. Initially released for iOS the game quickly exploded almost everywhere. Now over 5 years old that game is still being played. Super Brothers and Jim Guthrie also played a big role in making Sword and Sworcery the game that is today.

Sword and Sorcery Scene

Those wanting to play Below should be happy that Capy is taking time to make this game as compelling as Sword and Sworcery. Jim Guthrie’s amazing soundtracks are back for Below so at the very least we will have yet another amazing soundtrack to listen too if the game never sees the light of day. I’m confident Below will be ready for beta testing before mid 2017 if I still have a knack for predicting indie game dev schedules. Personally as an indie game developer myself I can wait for Below. I understand how near impossible of a feat it is to release anything even partly substantial with little to no help. Keeping to schedule is more of a general guide that would be nice if reality didn’t creep into the timeline. Best of luck to Capy for a 2017 release date.