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I’m a super fan of point and click adventure puzzle games. Games like Silent Age, The Room, Machinarium, Device 6, Agent-A all come to mind as recent greats in the genre. If you a fan of such games than soon you will have Jenny LeClue to play. Even better news is that I believe Jenny LeClue has several twists to these common game techniques that will make it quite interesting to play. It seems like it is a choose-your-adventure style 2d adventure game that just happens to have cool puzzles. Yet another great game using the Unity Game Engine to house all its moving parts so developers big on Unity should appreciate that! Below is a trailer of what type of game you can expect to playing.

Create by Joe Russ of Mografi and a small team of dedicated individuals that have been working hard for probably over three years now. Recent word around town is they are shooting for end of December of 2016. Thats like right now. In the mean time you can demo the game as a Playable Teaser on iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux for free to get a feel of what to expect.

The developers that enjoy character animation should check out the rigging setup for Jenny the main character in the game. It’s a pretty cool video at some behinds the scenes work they put into the animation of Jenny. I can recall seeing numerous twitter posts about obsessing over the animations on Jenny and I think the attention to the level of detail involved paid off nicely. Morgan Williams demo on the rigging done in After Effects is below:

The game features beautiful hand made art with vintage mid-century aesthetics. I got that right from the press kit people, but I can believe the hand made part because in the picture of the development team below we can clearly see a massive Cintiq pen display being put to good use!


Sound effects appear to be made in house and via BoomLibrary an ultra high quality profession sound design website that I wish all developers would consider using instead of any of the free horrible sound libraries out there but I digress.

I played the demo and wanted more. It’s a short intro to the game and everyone should have time to get through it during the holiday break towards the end of December I recommend playing it on an iPad if you have one lying around. Hopefully you play that and if you like it you’ll be notified that the official game is available to play shortly there after.

One of the features that interests me most is listed as one of the main features of the game.

“Choosiness On A Massive Scale

Players will make choices in their individual game, and some of those choices will be tallied to permanently influence subsequent chapters, essentially “writing” the story collaboratively. The choice players make about the cliffhanger ending of episode one determines the beginning of episode two.”

The first episode of this game was funded by KickStarter fans and reached its successful funding goal in August of 2015 with 3,969 backers pledging $105,797.00 to help bring the project to life. It will be available for game play on Steam, Humble, iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Linux.

Congratulation to the small dev team and Joe Russ for making it this far and I look forward to the release.

Jenny LeClue Scene

Police scene from the up-coming Jenny LeClue video game.