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WeBuildGames will focus mainly on providing mobile game development education for Unity using C#,  and Xcode using Swift. Below are links to get these free resources to start following along and using when making your games. All these platforms include visual editors now and are gaining popularity for mobile game development. We don’t want to be a “catch all” game learning site. We feel Unity for cross-platform mobile development and Xcode for SpriteKit Swift games for native iOS, and tvOS development are great places to not only start creating mobile games but to also build upon for future learning and game creation.


Unity is a 3D and 2D game development platform that is gaining massive popularity for not only independent developers but for larger studios as well. Download Unity for free on Mac or PC. It is the best choice in our opinion for cross-platform development. WeBuildGames will be teaching the ins and outs of Unity on an ongoing basis. To get a sense of what games have been made with Unity be sure to check out there “Made With Unity” page.


Xcode is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Macintosh used to create Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV games natively in the Apple recommend development language known as Swift. You can get the latest version of Xcode from the Mac App Store. also be sure to check out the Swift webpage that Apple has set up to get going and also download the free iBook Apple created to explain more about the language used to write games for Apple products. You can learn more about being an Apple Developer here on our site or by visiting the Developer Center at Apple.

Blender 3D

Blender 3D is a free piece of software for Mac, PC, and Linux, used to create anything from simple graphics all the way up to feature animated films, and Sci-Fi cinematography. We will be using it to create both 3D, and 2D game models and characters. Once you learn how Blender actually works and get a handle on the short-cut keys creating buildings, bushes, characters, etc. becomes really fast. In most cases using Blender is faster to create 2D assets as 3D models exported as 2D images then say creating your 2D assets in a more traditional software program like Photoshop. Some of the best teaching on Blender can be found on Darrin Lile’s website. It is a great resource for learning Blender using a project based approach.



More Resources


MagicaVoxel is great for rapid prototyping and voxel fans everywhere. Available for free for Mac, PC, and Linux it’s actually got more features that run better than its paid competitors. While we plan on making some great tutorials on using this software you can find some that will help you get started on the resources page of the MagicaVoxel site.

MagicaVoxel Render

Inspiration/Idea Generation Material

Our Inspiration boards are for helping break through creative blocks and spark inspiration for game development. We’re showing our girly side by having these boards available via Pinterest but it makes it easy and effective for everyone.

Game Ideas